Top Ten Tips For Restarting Your Career After a Long Break

Whether you took time off after having a baby, having and illness or ‘just because’, getting back in to the working world can be a long string of hurdles. The working field changes rapidly and keeping up to date even while working is incredibly difficult.

The experience for starting over is relatively different depending on your previous job and the level of qualifications you have attained however some protocols still remain the same.

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Whether you’re trying to reinvent your career or resume from a previously held position, following these tips will lead you back on track to being a workingwoman.

1. Reflecting

The entire process of career reinvention is nerve inducing however reflecting on your previous employment will help you understand your current wants and needs. This can mean seeking opportunities in a different field or sticking with your past job.

2. Realising

It’s important to realise that there are some goals that are simply not attainable or will take time to accomplish. This will help in reducing devastation if things don’t work out as planned.

3. Releasing

Release yourself of past expectations and mistakes and start new. Pondering on what could have been if you didn’t take a break doesn’t help your current situation. Developing the confidence to go back into the workforce is essential.

4. Research

Look for career positions that don’t have a high demand for recent qualifications to get your foot in the door. Doing smaller jobs means you’re able to work towards a higher position.

5. Recommendations

Use past references to assure future employees of your employee skills and characteristics. Using a good referee can mean the difference in terms of getting attention from an employer,

6. Reaching out

Networking will play a massive role to getting back into the working field. Reaching out to the right people will give you an abundance of opportunities to get into a career tailored to you.

7. Redefine

With limited knowledge of certain tools in the modern employment world, use the information you have attained during your leave as an asset. Employers often seek after skills such as multitasking, patience and problem solving.

8. Reinvent

Develop new skills that will assist you in catching up to the rest of the working field. Whether its learning how to use excel or Photoshop, finding the necessary skills you need to acquire to perform in an in your career can help fill up your resume.

9. Risks

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One Cup of This Today Can Help Burn Your Belly Fat Like Crazy!
The process of employment is difficult and stressful; it can be easy to go be complacent in your previous lifestyle. Unless you’re not bound to financial constraints getting a job is a beneficial financial and social tool.

10. Reignite

Take advantage of the feeling of optimism and drive that comes with career searching, The chance to do something you have longed to do after a lengthy break can help discover the ambition to apply for that job you wanted.

Working in The E-commerce Industry – The Skills Needed

Every industry has its own set of rules and regulations so as to consistently function and flourish over a specified period of time. Towards the beginning of the 1900th century; business or industries used to function in a different way. Conventional methods were prominent and companies seldom used to be unforgiving about each other. The industries moved at a slow pace and changes took place over a prolonged period of time.

But not anymore. With the onset of the internet during the 1990′s, worldwide web exploded with innumerable websites and since then the whole scenario of the internet has been rapidly changing. With a humongous user base wherein billions of people use the internet; traders started selling their products over the internet. Just like any other new trend, this started out with a lot of qualms regarding its functionality. Potential consumer base had its own apprehensions regarding buying products over an e-commerce website.

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As aforementioned, due to rapidly changing scenarios over the web, this trend picked up and picked up good. Online purchases were largely favoured by consumers. For some, it meant saving time whilst buying necessary products whereas for some it meant comfortably purchasing the needful.

Therefore, the peculiar characteristics of e-commerce websites gradually resulted in a multi-billion dollar industry like Walmart, Kmart, etc wherein you need to face cut-throat competitions; not on a daily rather hourly basis. With myriads of competitors, it is not at all easy to survive within this constantly updating industry. However, with the right set of skills, it is possible to grow and survive here.

So, we have listed down the necessary skills required for an individual to work effectively within this Industry. However these skills are not ‘a product, which you can buy and neither are coupons, tokens, offers, which you can avail instantly’. I mention coupons and offers because everyone can use coupons for free from the website like – while getting any products.

These skills are art to learn, to adapt, and to get addicted to them. So get to know these necessary skills and use them in your life from now on.

Strategic mindset – Do you really have a perfect mindset? If yes then you are one-step up to get an e-commerce industry. If not, then get to know it. We perfect mindset person must have a mind:-

“That has the ability to comprehend the long-term potential of the market; you have all the chances of growing and excelling in this industry.”

For a strategic mindset can render the abilities to comprehensively understand the market trends whilst behaving accordingly.

Along with this, you can possibly explore additional business opportunities which can be beneficial for you as an individual and for your company as well. So basically you just don’t need a strategic mindset but the will to harness your abilities as well.

Adaptability- This is easily one of the most imperative characteristics to survive in this industry. Because of its ever-changing rules and trends; you might have to frequently face non-conventional obstacles. This is where your ability to adapt will be put to use. And with game-changing trends being a major part of the E-commerce industry, you need to be quick to adapt to a new set of rules or else you’ll simply lag behind. Moreover, the skill to adapt according to the present scenario gives you an edge over the others. An adaptive individual does not simply adjust but renders the best possible efforts by comprehending the need of the hour.

Communication skills- This is kind of a no-brainer. Although a very common (in terms of requirement) skill but it surely plays its part in contributing towards your growth and success. Just like any other company, every e-commerce establishment is also comprised of various departments viz. retailing, technology, merchandising and others. For flourishing within the establishment you need to have cordial relationships with all the other departments as well and this is where your communication skills will help you. Also, effective communication skills can help you in influencing your colleagues in your favour which can easily contribute and enhance your overall performance within the organisation.

Technical skills- Well, if you’ve been appointed in the technical department, it is quite obvious that you’ll have an appropriate background and be well versed with the technological know-how. Nonetheless, even if you have been appointed in a completely unrelated department, even then, you need to possess the basic or soft technical skills; for you are working in an E-commerce establishment. Sooner or later, your basic technical skills will pay off as well.

Personal traits- Well, this is not a single skill but a set of skills that you need to possess. Also, this ensures the requisite stability in your career within any e-commerce establishment or within the entire industry. Let’s mention a few of them:-

You need to be a team player and build up a good rapport with the people in the industry.

You need to be dedicated whilst having a positive attitude. This will assist in overcoming obstacles or difficulties within the organisation.

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One Cup of This Today Can Help Burn Your Belly Fat Like Crazy!
The three R’s – Resourceful, Respectful and Responsible.

You should always be ready to learn more for a stagnant mind does no good.

Well, these are some of the necessary skills that can help you with your survival and success. Nonetheless, the journey to success is never ending and will always have plenty of room for improvement.

Way To Secure A Dream Job Through Networking

Not what you know but who you know

As all selection process is made by humans and there is scope for behind the scene activites such as lobbying and influence in your favor.

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In a job hunting setting, it may pose more critical since that can be the key disparity between an job offer or a letter of regret.

But the traditional job seeking approach of broadcasting out your resumes like job portal listing is relevant for you; you may shift your focus to have your next bright career.

Expand Your Friend Circle

The vital point in making this in your favor to ensure each one of your action is intentional. You need a specific role and require more weight or persons you can group to support your pursuit.

For example to easily understand this, suppose you are an accountant and you want to switch this position to start your career in sales field. It would certainly be hard time to succeed even after sending hundreds of application.

Keep cool! Just turn yourself to LinkedIn and have close look for profiles were who were accountant before and now they are in Sales and Marketing field.

Here it is how to start it, make a list of a keyword related with accounting under the Title field (e.g. Accountant) and filter to Sales under Function.

You will find list of people who was working as Accountant but now they are working in Sales field.

Other way that you can adopt (keep the sample size significant enough) and look at targets who are holding hiring manager position.

So if your target is to join as Sales Manager position, you have to prioritize your targets who are designated as Sales Director.

Get Advice and Request For Job

LinkedIn is a useful portal where you usually get two category of request – a recruiter offering you to think for a new job, or some job applicant requires one.

We believe that the previous one would be able to fetch a better job for you with good salary.

Do I Require to modify Each Offer?

It is quite possible that your anticipated one is not regular user of LinkedIn. They may come eventually and see numerous new invitation requests.

Suppose if his portal has a chunk of pending invites then the chances of his reply is dim.

So be playful and visit to your target profiles. By this action, they will receive a specific notification and hopefully it would be not so packed.

You can also automate the visits on portal. By using plug-ins like AutoPilot in case with LinkedIn where it would copy a human and successively visit the results page where you have your profiles.

So it would be better option to run notification in background instead of clicking each one manually.

Fine! They Noticed Me. What Next?

You can get between 40% – 60% conversions with the “ask for advice” approach. So the next step is to meet them and just listen them carefully and attentively.

Try to know how they started this line of business and how they opine about the role and industry. What they expect someone like you to do to make the first step.

This narration would certainly prove to be helpful to authenticate your set impression and facilitate you to decide if this is finally the correct direction.

At the end of the conversation, always try to ask – “In what way I can assist you with?”

Why Do This?

If they find a strong impression from you, and placed you on preference over other candidates (in the future) is always easier to call you.

Now you have connection deposits. You will have an advantage by having these connections at the time of vacancy you have targeted.

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One Cup of This Today Can Help Burn Your Belly Fat Like Crazy!
One Cup of This Today Can Help Burn Your Belly Fat Like Crazy!
Just think how much it would be easier to face a person in interview whom you know before.


It seems unusual that you are not receiving any reply even after sending a huge number of resumes but if you are able to get only one to talk, you are going to be benefitted in big way.