Way To Secure A Dream Job Through Networking

Not what you know but who you know

As all selection process is made by humans and there is scope for behind the scene activites such as lobbying and influence in your favor.

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In a job hunting setting, it may pose more critical since that can be the key disparity between an job offer or a letter of regret.

But the traditional job seeking approach of broadcasting out your resumes like job portal listing is relevant for you; you may shift your focus to have your next bright career.

Expand Your Friend Circle

The vital point in making this in your favor to ensure each one of your action is intentional. You need a specific role and require more weight or persons you can group to support your pursuit.

For example to easily understand this, suppose you are an accountant and you want to switch this position to start your career in sales field. It would certainly be hard time to succeed even after sending hundreds of application.

Keep cool! Just turn yourself to LinkedIn and have close look for profiles were who were accountant before and now they are in Sales and Marketing field.

Here it is how to start it, make a list of a keyword related with accounting under the Title field (e.g. Accountant) and filter to Sales under Function.

You will find list of people who was working as Accountant but now they are working in Sales field.

Other way that you can adopt (keep the sample size significant enough) and look at targets who are holding hiring manager position.

So if your target is to join as Sales Manager position, you have to prioritize your targets who are designated as Sales Director.

Get Advice and Request For Job

LinkedIn is a useful portal where you usually get two category of request – a recruiter offering you to think for a new job, or some job applicant requires one.

We believe that the previous one would be able to fetch a better job for you with good salary.

Do I Require to modify Each Offer?

It is quite possible that your anticipated one is not regular user of LinkedIn. They may come eventually and see numerous new invitation requests.

Suppose if his portal has a chunk of pending invites then the chances of his reply is dim.

So be playful and visit to your target profiles. By this action, they will receive a specific notification and hopefully it would be not so packed.

You can also automate the visits on portal. By using plug-ins like AutoPilot in case with LinkedIn where it would copy a human and successively visit the results page where you have your profiles.

So it would be better option to run notification in background instead of clicking each one manually.

Fine! They Noticed Me. What Next?

You can get between 40% – 60% conversions with the “ask for advice” approach. So the next step is to meet them and just listen them carefully and attentively.

Try to know how they started this line of business and how they opine about the role and industry. What they expect someone like you to do to make the first step.

This narration would certainly prove to be helpful to authenticate your set impression and facilitate you to decide if this is finally the correct direction.

At the end of the conversation, always try to ask – “In what way I can assist you with?”

Why Do This?

If they find a strong impression from you, and placed you on preference over other candidates (in the future) is always easier to call you.

Now you have connection deposits. You will have an advantage by having these connections at the time of vacancy you have targeted.

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Just think how much it would be easier to face a person in interview whom you know before.


It seems unusual that you are not receiving any reply even after sending a huge number of resumes but if you are able to get only one to talk, you are going to be benefitted in big way.

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Few Tips to Fill Out Warehouse Vacancies

The warehouses will only become effective when the skilled personnel or workers are hired. The process of finding the right candidate has never been an easy process, especially for the recruiters of warehouses. Every day there is a flood of most searched query i.e. “warehouse companies near me”. The people in search of the jobs are unlimited but the problem is to find the right kind of personnel. The reason for not getting required personnel is probably the lack of preparing the requirements. The logistics companies need to maintain a correct and well-defined procedure to fill in the warehouse vacancies. The following are few tips that a warehousing company need to stick to before initiating the recruitment process.

Understanding the Specific Needs

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There are ample of different job roles and each job role has different activities to perform, whether it is for a forklift operator or a mechanist, each has their own operations or functionality to perform. Companies need to become explicit about what they actually want or demand currently. They need to prepare for their specific needs unless they will end up receiving footfalls of candidate who will not be suitable for the required job.

Preparing For an Effective Variable for Selection

There are various jobs in such companies, from entry level to the experienced one; each of these jobs requires some different variable or methods for selection. The company’s HR department should develop different methods or criterion to select the right candidate. Like a method where their skills can be judged or a test where their personality or behaviour can be reflected.

Being Open to Demands or Expectations

Candidates don’t like those company who sugar-coat each and everything they try to reflect. Instead, they prefer those who are honest about their demands or expectations and are true about their activities or working environment. Companies need to be true about their existence and must reflect their true identity to the candidates applying for the job.

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One Cup of This Today Can Help Burn Your Belly Fat Like Crazy!
To Ask For the Referrals

To know, how a person is in terms of his behaviour or overall personality, it is better to ask some third person who knows that individual well. When selecting a candidate, it is important to know his overall behaviour or traits and to understand whether he or she will be able to survive in the organization for long or not. Referrals of close friends or previous companies will help in finding out every detail about that individual.

The search engines are flooded with queries like “Warehouse companies near me”, this shows that there are lots of candidates who are seeking opportunities under this field but the main challenge is to find the right kind from the pool of candidates.